Luke Davidson - Funny Tiktok Compilation (November 2021)

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Luke Davidson Tiktok Compilation (November 2021)
✔Video where i draw Luke Davidson funny portrait:

Luke Davidson: Relatable comedy skit creator who often used trending hashtags to increase his clout on TikTok.

Luke Davidson has earned more than 5 million followers on the app, and surpassed 150,000 followers in February of 2020.

Before Fame
The oldest content in Luke Davidson TikTok feed was from November of 2019.

TriviaLuke Davidson favorite sports are curling and golf. Family LifeHis father is named James and his mother is named Shelley. He has a step-brother named Chris. He has three cats named Nibbles, Rory and Jag. Associated With

Luke Davidson often used original sounds from JuliaBeautx for his videos.

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