Lineage 2 Reborn 1x - Tezza & Baium Fight - Manifesto @SKYNET

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l2 reborn 1x interlude Tezza Baium Fight Manifesto CP

L2 Reborn 1x - Interlude
No Bot
No Dual Box
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Best Lineage 2 Experience

Hello everyone;
Last 2 day, really amazing pvp's from Frintezza and Baium. We lost tezza but we won Baium. We will continue upload PVP videos like as Manifesto.

If you want to ask something about game you can write commends ! Also you can contact with us at social media;

Instagram - Manifesto_territory
Facebook - Lineage 2 Manifesto Territory

Necromancer & Soultaker POV

Video speed 1.5x
#lineage2 #mmorpg


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